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Answer 28

Concerning African trypanosomiasis

False a. it has an incubation period of 4-6 months
False b. it may cause erythema chronicum migrans in light skinned persons
False c. the Gambian form progresses more rapidly
False d. the Gambian form is associated with a more prominent chancre
True e. the Gambian form can be treated with pentamidine

a. The incubation period, the time from the bite until the development of the chancre, is 10-21 days.

b. Circinate erythema may occur in light skinned people. Erythema chronicum migrans is characteristic of Lyme disease.

c. The Rhodesian form is more rapidly progressive.

d. The Rhodesian form also tends to have a more prominent chancre

e. Treatment depends on whether or not the central nervous system is involved:

Table 28. Drug treatment of African trypanosomiasis

  Drug treatment of African trypanosomiasis
  CNS not involved CNS involved
Rhodesian suramin melarsaprol
Gambian suramin or pentamidine melarsaprol or eflornithine

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