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Answer 29

Vivax malaria

a. may be complicated by anaemia
b. may be complicated by jaundice
c. in a traveller may present more than six months after exposure
d. is sensitive to chloroquine
e. may co-exist with falciparum malaria in the same patient

All True

In all forms of malaria haemolysis occurs, and where there's haemolysis there's often anaemia. In vivax malaria this is usually mild. Anaemia in patients with vivax malaria often has an unrelated cause such as concurrent hookworm infection.

Similarly, jaundice in vivax malaria is mild and is due to haemolysis.

Hypnzoites may persist in the liver for many years. This and also the sporadic use of chemoprophylaxis account for the long incubation period.

Chloroquine resistant vivax is rare but has been well described in South East Asia.

Double and triple parasite infections have been described.

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