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Answer 98 - HIV in Africa

HIV in Africa:
True a. Circumcision is associated with lower rates of HIV infection amongst African men.
False b. Infection rates are generally higher in rural populations.
False c. Pneumocystis pneumonia is a more common presentation of AIDS than in Europe.
False d. The provision of HIV testing kits is a priority for good case management.
True e. Pulmonary tuberculosis is often associated with HIV infection.

HIV is associated with a large number of sexual partners, a history of sexually transmitted disease or genital ulcers, prostitution and retention of foreskin (i.e. circumcision protects). However, HIV is so prevalent that identification of risk groups is of limited importance in terms of allocation of resources.

The role of HIV testing in Africa:

1. Blood donor screening

2. Epidemiological surveys

3. Case finding: eg those presenting to GUM clinics / presenting with other sexually transmitted diseases.

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