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Answer 8: Use of corticosteroids in severe infections

Steroids are of benefit in the treatment of

False a. visceral leishmaniasis
False b. Eschericia coli septicaemia
False c. cerebral malaria
True d. severe typhoid fever
False e. herpes zoster recrudescence (shingles)

The use of steroids in many infections remains controversial. Consensus has been reached for some important infections.

Steroids beneficial:
Severe typhoid
Hib meningitis in children
Tuberculoid leprosy
Severe pneumocystis pneumonia
Tuberculous meningitis
Tuberculous pericarditis
Tuberculous pleural effusion
Type 1 lepra reaction
Katayama fever

Steroids of no benefit:
Meningococcal disease
Gram negative septicaemia
Herpes zoster
Cerebral malaria
Visceral leishmaniasis

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