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Answer 74

Tuberculosis control:
False a. Sputum negative cases of pulmonary tuberculosis are of more public health importance than sputum positive cases because they are more likely to remain undiagnosed.
False b. Children with tuberculosis have usually acquired their disease from a child contact.
False c. Close contacts of a sputum positive case should be offered immediate BCG.
False d. BCG is at least 50% effective in preventing pulmonary tuberculosis.
True e. Twice weekly supervised treatment regimens have comparable efficacy to standard daily regimens.

The main thrust of public health policy in the control of tuberculosis is the identification and treatment of sputum positive cases. These are the most infectious patients. It follows that sputum examination is of more importance than chest radiography. Children with tuberculosis have usually acquired it from an adult contact, often a grandparent. Contacts are offered a tuberculin test and CXR. Managment depends on the results of these tests and age.

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