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Answer 72

Hepatitis A vaccination (Havrix):
False a. is a live vaccine
False b. is teratogenic
True c. has >75% protective efficacy
False d. causes mild hepatitis in some patients
True e. should be offered to haemophiliacs who are hepatitis A antibody negative

The vaccine is formalin inactivated. It is well tolerated with no serious side effects. Minor side effects include soreness at injection site, fever, headache and tiredness. It is not licensed for use in pregnant women but is probably safe. No teratogenic events have been reported.
Two doses four weeks apart result in seroconversion in nearly all cases and protection lasts about five years. It may be given with human normal immunoglobulin or other live or inactivated vaccines.
Vaccination is aimed primarily at frequent travellers, military personnel and aid workers. It should also be considered for sewage workers, staff in mental handicap institutions, haemaphiliacs and for those with chronic liver disease.
Use in post-exposure prophylaxis is not yet established nor is it of proven efficacy.

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