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Answer 39

Coagulopathy is a recognised complication of

True a. epidemic typhus
True b. relapsing fever
True c. pneumococcal septicaemia

False d. envenomation by Latrodectus spiders (black widow spiders)
False e. envenomation by Physalia physalis (Portuguese-man-of-war)

Haemorrhagic rash is a characteristic feature of both epidemic typhus and relapsing fever. DIC is a potential complication of septicaemia.

Envenomation by the black widow spider causes local reactions, neurotoxicity, sweating and muscle spasm. Coagulation defects are not well described.

Likewise with stings from a Portuguese-man-of-war, local reactions, cardiovascular toxicity and muscle spasms may occur but coagulopathy is not well described.

Coagulopathy may follow envenomation by African pit vipers.

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