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Answer 3

Mosquitoes are the vector in the following disorders

False a. onchocerciasis
False b. visceral leishmaniasis
False c. myiasis
False d. African trypanosomiasis
True e. Bancroftian filariasis

Table 3.1
Diseases and Vectors

Disease Vector

Simulium sp

Visceral leishmaniasis
Sandfly (Plebotomus or Lutzomyia)
Myiasis No vector
Tsetse fly (Glossina)
Bancroftian filariasis Various mosquito species

In myiasis the tumbu fly larva itself is the pathogen. The tumbu fly lays its eggs on clothing. When in contact with human skin, larvae hatch and burrow into the skin causing painful boils.

Table 3.2
Diseases with mosquito vectors

Mosquito vector
Anopheles sp
Dengue fever
Aedes aegypti
Yellow fever
Aedes aegypti
Viral haemorrhagic fevers
various species
Japanese encephalitis culex sp

Mosquitoes are not thought to be vectors for HIV or Ebola virus.

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