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Answer 19

Characteristic findings in visceral leishmaniasis (kala azar) include:

False a. eosinophilia
True b. pancytopaenia
True c. polyclonal hypergammaglobulinaemia

False d. positive leishmanin test
True e. lymphadenopathy

a. A low or normal eosinophil count would be more usual

b. Pancytopaenia is common and is due to both marrow suppression and hypersplenism

c. Hypergammaglobulinaemia: this antibody response is ineffective in clearing Leishmania and diverts immune resources from concomitant infections. Indeed most deaths are due to intercurrent infection.

d. A positive Leishmanin test indicates good cell-mediated immunity. The test is usually negative in kala azar (like the tuberculin test in miliary tuberculosis) but becomes positive after treatment.

e. Hepatosplenomegaly generally occurs before lymph node enlargement

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