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Answer 16

E.coli 0157 / H7:

False a. is a bowel commensal
True b. causes haemorrhagic colitis
False c. is an important cause of cholera-like illness
True d. is a recognised cause of the haemolytic uraemic syndrome
False e. can be prevented from causing clinical illness by vaccination


E.coli 0157 / H7 characteristically causes a haemorrhagic colitis with abdominal pain but little or no fever. An outbreak of 500 cases in the USA was described in 1993. This outbreak was associated with the consumption of hamburgers. There were over 50 cases of haemolytic uraemic syndrome and 4 fatalities. The source of an outbreak in Wishaw, Scotland in 1996 was a butcher's. There were over 500 cases and 18 fatalities.

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