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Answer 12

Amoebic liver abscess:

False a. should be treated by diloxanide furoate alone
False b. should be aspirated routinely
False c. is associated with eosinophilia
True d. usually affects the right lobe of the liver
True e. occur most commonly in men aged 20-60 years

Amoebic liver abscess is the most common extra-intestinal manifestation of amoebiasis. All age groups may be affected.

In approximately 50% of cases there is no previous history of amoebic dysentery.

The patient typically presents with fever and right upper quadrant pain of fairly acute onset. Treatment of the fever with chloroquine may modify the clinical presentation.
Neutrophilia is usual, not eosinophilia.

The right hepatic lobe is usually affected. Abscess formation in the left lobe is an indication for drainage.

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