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Answer 35

HIV-associated Kaposi's sarcoma is

True a. radiosensitive
True b. chemosensitive
True c. a cause of pleural effusion

False d. more common in intravenous drug abusers than homosexuals
True e. associated with infection by HHV-8 (Herpes hominis virus type 8)

The skin and palate are particularly common sites for KS. Cutaneous and lymph node KS responds to radiotherapy. Systemic KS (i.e. bowel, pulmonary) responds to chemotherapy: vincristine, bleomycin, etoposide.

Human Herpes virus type 8 DNA sequences have been found in KS, both HIV-related and HIV-unrelated. KS is more common in sexually acquired HIV suggesting that there may be sexually acquired co-factor for the development of KS. Human Herpes virus type 8 DNA has also been isolated from AIDS-related body cavity lymphoma.

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